Tips for Your First Time Boat Rental


Of course boating is almost always a casual affair so high heels can be left onshore. However, the temps and weather conditions in Miami can change quickly. A hat, an extra layer or even a dry set of clothes can come in handy when the boating adventure is going down.

Protect yourself from the sun!

The sun is more powerful as it is reflected on the water and nothing will ruin your boat rental more than a painful sunscreen or, even worse, sun poisoning. Hats, buffs and sunscreen are all key components. (Oh and be sure to reapply the sunscreen frequently.)

Safety First Always!

Many, many posts can be written on this topic but any tip list would be remiss to not touch upon boating safety. At a high level, all safety equipment should be confirmed to be onboard and in working order before setting sail. All boating regulations should be carefully followed and alcohol should never be consumed by anyone operating a boat.

Do not overpack!

So, bring the key essentials on your boat rental but don’t use up all your (often tight) boat relaxation space with coolers, bags and the kitchen sink. (Reason number two against over packing: unpacking when the day is done. Enough said?)

Do not underpack!

Finding the balance of what to bring along on boat rentals is the key. Extra water, extra non-perishable snacks and extra hats or towels…all examples where more is better!

Take a safety course!

The US Coast Guard provides safety courses in boating areas across the country and many are free. This is a great way to make sure all safety issues are covered and ensure a positive boat rental experience.

Shoes off!

 It sounds like a trivial request to the non-boater; but soles scuff clean boats. The best way to show your lack of boating chops…get on the boat with shoes!

Enjoy the sunset!

Take time to enjoy the sunset Unplug, kick back, set sail and plan your day around “saying goodbye” to the sun. Sunsets onboard a boat always deliver.

Jump in!

Jump in the ocean! (Did we really need to say that?) Cruising around the local waterways during your boat rental is awesome but take some time to immerse yourself in those salty waters and you’re boating fun goes to next level status.

Rely on Experience!

Rent a boat with an experienced rental provider. We are here to serve you with your boat rental needs in Miami.